Our Services

Ad Hoc   \’ad-’häk\: for the particular or case at hand without consideration of wider application  

Maybe you're not ready to tackle a complete financial review - we can still help.  We offer Ad Hoc Services designed to address a single need.  Common examples include:

  • Life or Disability Insurance Coverage
  • Investment or Retirement Account
  • Saving For a Child's Education
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Funding

Our Ad Hoc Services also offer clients a comfortable way to evaluate our expertise should additional services be needed.


Simplified   \'sim-plë-fi\: to reduce to basic essentials

By focusing on the most common areas of the financial planning process, our Simplified Planning Service is design to provide you a written plan at an affordable price. 

If you are like most people, and tend to purchase financial products and services from multiple providers, you may benefit from a snapshot of how those products and services interact with one another. 

Our process is designed to efficiently collect and analyze your information, enabling us to provide you with guidance on how to reach your goals.

Common areas include:

  • Budgeting
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Educational Savings
  • Employee Benefits
  • Tax Planning


Comprehensive     \'käm-pri-'hen(t)-siv, -prë-\:  covering completely or broadly: inclusive

For Families and Business Owners needing financial advisory services in coordination with their other trusted advisors such as an attorney or accountant, we offer Comprehensive Planning Services

Designed to handle more complex financial needs, these services are focused on Business Owners and Families with special needs. 

Common areas include:

  • Special-Needs Trust
  • Charitable Giving
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Valuation
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Buy-Sell / Buyout Plan Review